• Our mission: empowering a curated cannabis consumption experience through innovative products & education.

    We want to help you have the best possible experience with cannabis! Our products are formulated to promote clarity whether you consume to help with pain, creativity, relaxation, on the go or at bed time!

  • overwhelming feelings

    Accidentally took it a little too far? High at the wrong time? Can't seem to find clarity? Let us help you get comfortable.

    undoo® relief 
  • lingering consumption issues

    Stuck in a fog? Lingering haziness affecting your day? We can help boost your mental clarity without caffeine or stimulants.

    undoo® refresh 
  • high tolerance

    Tolerance build hurting your experience & your wallet?

    We are here to help.

    undoo® reset 

clarity redefined

Whether you are using cannabis to help with pain, sleep, creativity, relaxation & more, our patented formulas are designed to help you manage your cannabis experience on your own terms.

The Undoo Veterans Study

Happening now! This study is conducted in tandem with the CCOE Veterans Cannabis Access Program (VCAP)

Interested in participating in the study to drive change in the Cannabis industry?

click here to learn more

our promises

quality commitment

our products are produced to the highest standards at our cGMP & FDA registered facility

eco-conscious packaging

from our jars to our pouches, we are taking steps for a better tomorrow

does not contain cannabis

our produts do not contain CBD, THC, or any other cannabinoids

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