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undoo® reset

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undoo® reset


the high tolerance solution

undoo® reset may be used as a tolerance reset (without requiring an extended tolerance break) for heavy/frequent cannabis consumers.* 

Perfect for:

  • heavy & long-term cannabis consumers
  • high dose/frequent cannabis consumers
  • those who are experiencing "diminishing returns" on cannabis’ effects

*Results may vary with individual frequency and use of cannabis. Additional servings of undoo® reset softgels may be necessary for full effect.

13 Servings | supplement facts
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How to take:

Take 2 softgels with 12-16 oz. of water before bed for 5 consecutive nights.

Take no more than 6 softgels in a 24 hour period.


What to expect:

Tolerance levels play a noticeable role in your interaction with cannabis and so you should expect to have a renewed cannabis experience.

Tolerance levels vary by individual and finding your own best personal tolerance reset plan is key. 

How long your reset lasts depends on individual body chemistry, consumption habits, and lifestyle.

Maintaining your renewed experience:

Tolerance levels are a personal experience. After the initial 5-night reset, we recommend maintaining your reset a few nights per week (up to nightly) to your desired preference. You can also choose to take another 5 night cycle.


Do I have to stop consuming THC during my reset?

Nope!  undoo® reset does not require a tolerance break (T-break) to be effective. 

However, some of our customers pair an undoo® reset cycle with a short break from cannabis (if they can) for added benefit.

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