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undoo® relief

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undoo® relief


managing your cannabis experience

Our flagship product - undoo® relief is helpful in situations when cannabis is too strong, inconvenient timing & intense next-day fogginess.*

packaged in convenient on-the-go packets, undoo® relief softgels help you to manage your THC experience and provide mental clarity.*

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Perfect for:

  • new/inexperienced consumers
  • edible consumers
  • high concentration consumers
  • consumers caught in inconvenient timing situations
  • consumers experiencing intense fogginess due to leftover consumption issues
  • really, all cannabis consumers looking to manage their experience
1 Serving | supplement facts
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How to take:

take 2 softgels with 12-16 oz. of water & relax take no more than 8 softgels in a 24 hour period


What to expect:

You can expect to experience a greater sense of clarity, often described as cool, calm and comfortable.*



How long will it take for the uncomfortable feeling to go away?

The amount of time will vary depending upon the individual, the type and amount of cannabis consumed & the consumption method. undoo® relief softgels ease the intensity and shorten the duration of the effects.*

If you're still feeling effects 30 minutes later, an additional 1-2 undoo® relief softgels may be taken with 12-16 oz. of water.


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