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Our Company and Brand

about us 

our mission

empowering a curated cannabis consumption experience through innovative products & education


to positively reinvent the way you think about & consume cannabis


• pushing depths with integrity, transparency & quality
• foster a supportive, inclusive, & equitable culture
• defined by an approachable, accessible & enjoyable community think & act with courage & fortitude
• maintain an innovative spirit that is always questioning, learning & growing
• we are conscientious humans for our health & the environment

a letter from the inventor

Dear undoo® crew,

I’ve been an advocate for cannabis and a medical cannabis patient myself for decades. Having had glaucoma since the 80’s and being allergic to all other glaucoma medicines, cannabis is the one thing that has allowed me to keep my vision and enjoy my life. Despite loving the plant, its ability to allow me to see and the way it makes me feel, having to consume hourly can be burdensome especially with the effects of being high all day.

For this reason, our co-founder Sarara Corva challenged me to find a solution for the unwanted effects that can be associated with cannabis consumption at times. By diving into any and all cannabis literature I could find, I was able to connect the dots and invent the undoo softgel formula. A product line that allows any consumer to manage their cannabis experience from beginning to end.

Now, my company’s mission is to empower consumers to have a tailored cannabis consumption experience through our products and education. That’s why we’re offering one of the most unique and groundbreaking products that the cannabis industry has seen and will do our job to educate consumers so they have the best available knowledge at their fingertips.


Thank you for being a part of our community.
Jimmy Carberry


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